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nursing a wound Just Show Up – Speak Man! Speak! (Healing When the Men We Love Share)

I have struggled in the past with getting my husband to open up to me. Men tend to struggle with feelings more than women. I don’t want to generalize so I’ll just refer to my own men in my life with a belief that you might relate on some level. My husband, Neal, is a bleeding heart that wants everyone around him happy and tries to bring the mood up at all times.... Read More

Official Released Cover The Road to Becoming a Survivor (Guest Post )

Earlier this summer I was contacted by a survivor of sexual assault who wanted to share her story. The Road to Becoming a Survivor I read it while on vacation and as most of us who have suffered through similar circumstances, I related to much of what she’d been through. It is raw. Detailed. And brave. It is never easy to tell it like it is. This is not a story, this... Read More

take care of yourself Just Show Up – Confessions of an Incest and Date Rape Survivor (Healing in Acknowledging the Ugly Truth)

I don’t want to be ‘defined’ consistently as an incest and date rape survivor. Not that I’m ashamed. Do. Not. Mistake. This. For. Shame. The shame is not mine. Why should anyone be ashamed for what has been done to them with complete disregard for their well-being? No, this is not about shame. I don’t want to have every emotion, or lack there of,... Read More

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