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truth Just Show Up – Courage to See ME (Healing in Truth)

I’m glad everyone enjoyed Neal’s post yesterday. It is rare for him to get the ‘bug’ but every now and then his voice itches to be heard. From the comments emailed in I’d say you all enjoy hearing the male perspective as well. Maybe he’ll get another ‘itch’ more often. In the process of Neal coming to an internal realization... Read More

love me Just Show Up – My Husband’s Lesson in HIS Words (Humbled and Healing)

PHENOMENON Bare with me and try not to let the title confuse you. It’s from a movie starring John Travolta and Robert Duval. A quick recap, the story is about a man (John Travolta) who has powers which are believed to have come from a strange light when in reality it is from a life ending tumor which consumed his entire brain, and given him the highest functioning brain in... Read More

Be still Just Show Up – Feel Good Tuesday (Healing in the MOMENT)

Actually it wasn’t today that I got the chance to do this but I just needed to share this feel good moment. When my yoga instructor asked if I wanted to go to the lake to do the lesson for the day I was there in spirit before I even got in the car. It was a GORGEOUS day. 75 degrees. A nice breeze rustling the trees. The sun kissing my cheeks like a long lost friend. I... Read More

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