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image Just Show Up – The ‘Only One’

We all want to know we aren’t the ‘only one’. The only one who feels guilty. The only one insecure. The only one angry. The only one feeling out of place. The only one confused. The only one hurt. The only one frustrated. The only one bored. The only one not interested. The only one not good enough. We love to commiserate in the negative. The moment we realize... Read More

note to self Just Show Up – Note to Self…

Dear Self- What in the WORLD are you thinking? Is it ego or just stupidity that causes you to take on so many tasks? God didn’t even create the world in one day! Don’t you realize that the more you pile on the less appreciation and joy you feel in the giving? Instead of a blessing it becomes a task. It’s okay now…what’s done is done. Don’t... Read More

God is love Just Show Up – A ‘Shake it Off’ Monday

You ever had a moment where it felt like a thousand flaming arrows were coming from every direction and narrowly missing you by inches? The arrows of course being  comments, mishaps and arguments lit ablaze with personal opinion. One of my weaknesses has always been aiming to please at all cost. As a young girl my world was not right if there was discord among my parents... Read More

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