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God pulling us up a mountain Just Show Up – “The Weakness of God is Stronger than Human Strength” ( Corinth)

I’m still here. Held up by God’s strength at times, but I rest knowing being close to Him is probably the best place I’ve been in a long, long time. A fellow survivor wrote me after the last post and said, “You are being too hard on yourself.” Possibly. Since taking on this ministry I’ve gone from sharing my ‘experiences’ in... Read More

show up Just Show Up – Is that all it takes? To ‘just show up’?

My friend takes one second at a time to breath. One breath is determined by the sliver of a moment…can she inhale? Will she exhale? Will her heart make it to the next beat? Can she will her body to move in time with demands of her daughter? I watched as those who love and adore cradled her head in their bosom as their salty tears wet the top of her head and she stared... Read More

The Pieta we have all come to know...but did you know it is said that Michelangelo was already working on a 4th Pieta before he died? Just Show Up – Death Dignified (The Stations in Jerusalem)

No parent should ever have to bury their child. No matter what age. My friend’s son passed away on Tuesday, November 18th. We prayed for a miracle and the miracle(s) came – just not in the way we’d hoped. This is not my story to tell. It is Amy’s and one day I know she will share. I’ve been silent because what I feel inside and what I’ve... Read More

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