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images Just Show Up – Caged in the Comfort of Fear ( Healing in Small Steps Forward)

Fear as a comfort? You might be questioning my sanity. Everyone has at least one fear they can put to words whether it’s fear of heights, fear of the dark, fear of small tight spaces, etc. Those of us who’ve lived through and survived various types of abuses might have more emotional or internal fears that are harder to pinpoint but the feeling, when pressed, is... Read More

teakettle Just Show Up – #RAGE – Like a Boiling Tea Kettle (Healing the Anger Within)

**Another flashback…I’m not getting lazy I just realize there are certain posts that might benefit a ‘redo’…I received a comment on this today and it’s an article I wrote nearly three years ago and I realize how pertinent the information remains to this day. Everyone deals with anger…and some of us fail to express the anger in a healthy... Read More

images Just Show Up – A Survivor vs A Victim (Healing in Truth Even When It’s Ugly)

The most challenging aspect of being a survivor of abuse is loneliness.┬áSurvivors often don’t speak of what they’ve been through not only because of the shame attached but because it can feel as if no one else understands.   Survivors don’t want to be looked at differently yet what they’ve been through IS different than someone who hasn’t... Read More

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