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shame Just Show Up – Don’t Own Another’s Shame (Healing from the Shame of Abuse)

A friend sent me an article yesterday that is stirring up quite a bit of controversy. Rocker, Chrissie Hinde, was ganged raped by a group of motorcyclists when she was in her twenties. She admits to being on drugs at the time and trusted them when they promised they’d give her a ride to a party when instead they took her to an abandoned house and raped her. Over twenty... Read More

be you Just Show Up – No One Knows You Better Than YOU (Healing When We Stop Making Excuses)

Tough post today. For me and for you if you are willing to give what it takes to heal. I’ve gradually been conquering the leap over many hurdles that have been firmly planted in my psyche, in concrete no doubt, and the only way I’ve been able to actually clear the tops of each hurdle and land firmly on the balls of my feet is by finally taking notice of ME. The... Read More

6000215738h Just Show Up – Lead Me (Healing One Another)

I stood in the car dealership and listened to the news, Jared Fogle was agreeing to a plea deal for having been involved in child pornography and having sex with minors. CNN Report My heart sank. I put my hand up to my eyes to rub out the threat of tears. I thought about those minors and what they’d experienced. He is to pay them $100,000 each. Really? Like that will... Read More

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