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overcome Just Show Up – Martha’s Journey (Overcoming emtional and physical abuse)

This weekend I received many blessings in being with a group of beautiful women in the Longview, TX area. I presented the Awake My Soul presentation and by the grace of God I believe it was received well. Before I speak I ask God to guide and direct me on what He wants me to say. I have a deep bag of experiences I can use to explain or express a sentiment of what I’ve... Read More

Courtesy of Multiplemayehmmamma Just Show Up – Cleaning Out Your Fridge (Advice for Survivors)

“I thought I dealt with the abuse. I went 10, 20, 30 years without issue so why is it coming up now?” This is a common statement from survivors, especially those of us in the ‘older generations’ who were not as comfortable as the new generation in ‘therapy’ and blogging and posting our feelings and inner struggles for the world to empathize... Read More

Header-Images-Choose-Now-Ministries1-e1391899021828 Just Show Up – Advice for Marriage

I hesitate when giving advice on anything because giving advice means we should know what we are doing or have done it well. I’m always weary of hypocrisy because I am the first to know that once I say something works for me it ends up falling short.  However, I did feel called to write this blog for the  Choose Now Ministries column on dating your spouse. Neal and... Read More

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