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Never EVER Give up Just Show Up – Each in OUR Time (Healing Days 28 & 29)

Yesterday I was all set to put out a simple post that showed this amazing ‘affirmation’ I received from a friend. Not just ‘angels’ but ‘archangels’! If you haven’t already known I am a big fan of St. Michael the Archangel. In fact, I might say a prayer for his intercession on the daily: Intercessory prayers from our friends, family,... Read More

image Just Show Up – Sundance’ing It (Healing Days 22-27)

Take a break. Sometimes this healing process is all-consuming that you can lose yourself. That’s when you need to take a break. Don’t think about it (or try not to…it’s not so easy to just not think about something that had the ability to rock your world). It’s funny because I planned this trip back in July? August? It was a gift to myself and... Read More

No pain no gain really Just Show Up – Moving THROUGH the Pain (Healing Day 20 & 21)

No excuses for slacking on the ‘daily’ blog except that I decided not to allow this journey to become a hindrance in my actual healing and family life. Being that this particular journey I am onĀ is quite delicate there are many days I can’t make it to the computer because I need someone in my life (or MYSELF) to know they are FIRST rather than hide behind... Read More

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