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Courtesy of Multiplemayehmmamma Just Show Up – Cleaning Out Your Fridge (Advice for Survivors)

“I thought I dealt with the abuse. I went 10, 20, 30 years without issue so why is it coming up now?” This is a common statement from survivors, especially those of us in the ‘older generations’ who were not as comfortable as the new generation in ‘therapy’ and blogging and posting our feelings and inner struggles for the world to empathize... Read More

new life Just Show Up – New Life [Life After Domestic Violence]

**This is a ‘re-run’ but a GOOD one! :D**   A few weeks ago when Laura White and I drove to Dallas to film another I Have a Voice video I was immeasurably blessed by the amount of hope and fortitude this woman sitting next to me exuded.  So many times we can take the struggles in our lives, focus on the annoyance and irritation of the circumstance and soon... Read More

Afraid for you Just Show Up – I’m Afraid for You – Guest Post

**From the vault** I feel prompted to share with you all this amazing poetry from Diana Rasmussen.  When I read this it grabbed me and I realize how often we might ‘turn the other cheek’ on our ‘neighbors.’  I think about the three women who were recently rescued in Cleveland, OH and wonder how many moments occurred among neighbors that something ‘just... Read More

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