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image Just Show Up – Let Me Explain…

I need to clarify something that has troubled me and was confirmed by a family member (and donor) to have crossed their mind as well. Being that ‘Just Show Up’ is a blog about how God show’s up in my life as a survivor who is thriving in this world I tend to be forthright and up front. This summer has been a busy one for me and I realize for one who runs a... Read More

12 week challenge Never Give Up! Challenge Yourself – 12 Week Challenge (Week 9)

Oh my I didn’t realize when we set out for Colorado that I wouldn’t have internet! I am doing this off of my iPad 4G service with one bar. For those of you who might not know the struggle one bar and only 4G brings…well let me tell you I’m limited. Had I thought ahead I would’ve done the post early. My apologies. Isn’t that how life goes?... Read More

rest of your life Just Show Up – Personal Inventory

A few years ago I posted a blog correlating my healing process with a 12 step program similar to the 12 steps for Alcoholics Anonymous. I received quite a few positive responses at the time about how it helped others to have this simple direction that has proven successful for over 80 years. It came to mind again this morning in prayer. Over the past year I feel as if... Read More

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