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book mockup2-u198 Just Show Up – Spousal Rape – Domestic Violence Awareness

Having lived through two date rape scenarios I know the terror a heart can suffer at the hands of someone you thought you could trust. To have that someone be the very man who stood before God and vowed to ‘love and cherish’ brings the terror to a whole new level. Throughout the month of October I’ve been giving survivors of domestic violence a chance to have... Read More

12 week challenge Just Show Up – CHALLENGE YOURSELF UPDATE

Last I updated on this challenge I had sunk into a bit of a depression. Funny that we can say that ‘bit of a depression’. Why can’t we just say, “I was depressed.” The problem was I couldn’t explain ‘WHY‘. I felt that everything in my life was in place. I could still have moments of being ‘up beat’ and I certainly... Read More

Let Hope Rise Just Show Up – April’s Hope

It is a gift to realize that when God’s given the reigns He will get you where you need to go. A little more than a year ago I was contacted by a friend to help someone she cared about overcome some personal demons. I got in touch with the young woman, April, who was all over the board with her emotions and terrified of what more she’d find on the dark path she’d... Read More

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