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forgive Just Show Up – Forgiveness Prayer ( Healing to be FREE)

    While waiting for my son’s baseball game to begin in this nasty weather I sat with my iPad hoping to drum up a post. and I waited  …  and waited  …  and nothing ‘inspired’ me. So I put it away. Ah…the freedom to realize just because my anal self feels I should post so many times a week doesn’t necessarily mean I should... Read More

love never fails Just Show Up – God’s Promises (Healing through the WORD)

God showed up to me yesterday in His word. Dorothy Maggio, a woman who has lived decades of experience in coming to know the graces of God who has a gentle and pious spirit, gave a focus today in our bible study that burned like a branding iron through the calloused layers of my heart. She gave me permission to share with you what touched me and it is my prayer that somewhere... Read More

be good to yourself Just Show Up – Self Care (Healing 101)

I’m back!  The retreat was difficult. Enlightening. Healing. Informative. Communication is a skill that you would think comes so easily and yet there is a dynamic in dealing with others that to communicate effectively takes great skill. We get so used to reacting or responding in one way so to re-form the reactions and responses to better communicate on a level that... Read More

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