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Just Show Up – Going Against the Grain

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There will always be days that are not full of sunshine smiles, chocolate kisses and tight embraces.  This was one of them.  :( Interestingly enough I began to write a blog entry referring to a conversation I had with Ryan yesterday about 'conforming' and the difference between being a 'leader' vs. a 'follower'.  You see [...]

Just Show Up – Just Show Up Revisited

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In 2010 I took on a personal challenge to blog every day for exactly 365 days beginning January 1, 2010 and ended December 31, 2010.  The concept of Just Show Up was as follows: I recognize that on any given day there are specific moments that come about not by mere coincidence but providence.  I [...]

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An Interview with Anna Deskins children’s book author

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Anna Deskins wears many hats - mother, author and small business owner.  I know many of you have small children and grandchildren so I wanted to share with you an interview with Anna and introduce her new book "The Adventures of Smitty":   Your children's book, "The Adventures of Smitty" looks magical.  What is the [...]

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Just Show Up – Sneak ‘BEEK’

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Have you ever read a book and wondered 'What made the author write about this?' or 'I wish I knew more about what happened to this character.'...or maybe you want to know more about the author and what makes them 'tick'?  I'm an avid reader and there are a few authors that I adore and [...]

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Just Show Up – What Can I Do For YOU Today?

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Last week, on Monday morning to be exact, I wrote a 'focus' for the Cornerstone Bible Study that we have at our parish on Wednesday mornings.  The week's lesson was on the first Chapter of Mark.  (If you have a Bible possibly take time to read this chapter before continuing...if not, no worries, it'll all [...]

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Just Show Up – “I’m Alive!” In Memory of Diana Cooper

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"I'm alive!  I'm here!"   With the exuberance and energy of a 21 year old bursting at the seams to share the greatest experience that any one person could ever go through Diana Cooper's soul broke through the heavenly barrier and proclaimed her status.  "I'm alive, got it?" I could feel her saying as my mind was taken [...]

Just Show Up – We Are Called To Love

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Today is a special post.  Most of it is not from me but the exact words from a friend of mine who is desperate to get out a message.  A message that I pray you respond to, whether it be to pray, to become more informed, or to better educate those around you.  My friend [...]