Book Review – ‘Big Hearted’ by Patti Armstrong & Theresa Thomas

Book Review – ‘Big Hearted’ by Patti Armstrong & Theresa Thomas

Do you remember when I was beat out by a measly 100 or so votes for the’s ‘book of the year’ in 2011?  So many of you were so gracious in voting for EXPOSED…I still thank you! 😉  One thing I’m sure I mentioned at the time was I was up against a woman who helped me to get EXPOSED published.  In fact, Patti Armstrong played an integral part in encouraging me to get the story ‘out there’. 

I was happy for Patti when she won the award with Stories for the Homeschool Heart and I’m happy for her two new releases:  Big Hearted and Dear God I Don’t Get It

Big HeartedBig Hearted is an honest and sincere portrayal of families going through some of their most difficult moments. 

A mother faced with her addiction to alcohol after passing out at her daughter’s event, a father grappling with his son’s terminal illness and parents passed the age of child-bearing accepting and grieving the blessing of life.

These stories are our stories.  The telling of how through struggle, perseverance and with hope the vocation of family remains intact with the Big Hearted love of God.

I don't get itDear God I Don’t Get It is a book written for 3rd through 6th grade kids and gives the insight from a young man’s point of view into similar circumstances that has uprooted his family and shaken his security.

Pick them up today and have them handy for conversations with the kids and a pick me up for yourself.




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