Just Show Up – JUST BREATHE (Open Course Available to All)

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*Guest Post* We are born into this world with our first breath and we leave this world with our last breath. The space in between these two breaths is our journey on Earth. The quality of our journey is impacted by many factors including the quality of our breath. The breath nourishes our body and [...]

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Just Show Up – The Stream

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A cacophony of sounds erupts around me. People bustling about, cleaning cabins, making beds, transferring luggage to the car, all a great contrast to the ever-flowing rush of the stream that is before me. I’m in Twin Lakes, Colorado at my family’s cabins. For seven days I’ve been surrounded by my best friend’s family – [...]

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Just Show Up – Validation

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It seems to be a pattern that every year around this time I consider the option of going back to school and getting my LPC (licensure for professional counseling). Without fail, as I come to question the time, and most definitely the cost, it would take to do so I am validated in what I [...]

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Just Show Up – Peer Support ( A Mission Unending)

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Summer is typically my time to 're-group'. Either most have their hearts filled with hope and joy on vacations they are about to experience or what they've just experienced ... or maybe it's the overindulgence of Vitamin D from the warm summer days that lends to keep people's spirits high... regardless, I typically have time [...]

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Journey Through Thyroid Cancer Treatment (3 Day Journal Entry)

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I'm going out of the box here and publishing my thoughts I kept track of for the last three days of this scan/ radiation/ isolation / treatment plan. It's been more eventful than I ever anticipated so I figured I'd simply share with those that were curious. **Warning** This is a journal of my thoughts [...]