Journey Through Thyroid Cancer Treatment (3 Day Journal Entry)

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I'm going out of the box here and publishing my thoughts I kept track of for the last three days of this scan/ radiation/ isolation / treatment plan. It's been more eventful than I ever anticipated so I figured I'd simply share with those that were curious. **Warning** This is a journal of my thoughts [...]

Just Show Up – How Abuse Survivors Can Relate to Good Friday & Easter Sunday

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BLESSED GOOD FRIDAY & HAPPY EASTER!!!!! We, as survivors, can relate to these next few days in a very intimate way that most others can not. Due to circumstances beyond our control we have been thrust into a 'darkness' (death) because of the abuse we have suffered in our past (or for some are currently [...]

Just Show Up – Alyssa Lies (Child Abuse Prevention Month)

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My husband, Neal, called me one afternoon all upset. "You have to hear this song, if it doesn't affect you of all people then something is wrong!" Intriguing. " emotions are all amuck right now with what I'm going through...what are you about to share with me?" "Just listen... you have to share this." My [...]

Just Show Up – A Lesson in the ‘Waiting’ (Finally a Plan!)

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Hello everyone! I apologize for my lack in writing these posts. I'll be honest, you'd think I'd want to write with all this time I'm spending 'waiting', but my I can't seem to get my mind focused to write about anything that might be of interest. It was a struggle to wait for four weeks [...]

Just Show Up – Pathology Report and More Waiting

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Funny, waiting tends to be the season of Advent. Lent is known more for a cleansing and renewal. Maybe I'm doing both? ;) I finally received pathology results today but I still don't know my steps forward. More waiting to be done in order to speak to the Endocrinologist once he gets to look at [...]

Just Show Up – Checking in After My Thyroidectomy

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I've been binge watching Parenthood all day... resting... and it's confirmed I don't do well 'resting'. :) I'm going to go to hop between friends' homes this week in order to 'rest'...otherwise I'll see the thousands of things I could do / 'need' to do around the house and nothing will stop me. Trust me, [...]

Just Show Up – Similarities Between Cancer & Abuse

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I haven't written a sincere 'post' in a while because I've been trying to keep preoccupied. I still struggle with going between the thinking of:  'This is no big deal, I should just go along like it's  just any other ole surgery.' and 'Wow. I have cancer. Wow.' You all have been great. Truly. Amazing. [...]

Just Show Up – Jackie Turner’s “Nhashe”… Healing People Who Help People Heal

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Okay my friends, I don't want to let this one get by me. I promised a friend, Jackie Turner, that I would do this over a few weeks ago and I don't want the opportunity to slip by me! A few Christmas' ago I wrote about Jackie Turner when I watched her made for TV [...]