Just Show Up – Ultimate Betrayal

Just Show Up – Ultimate Betrayal

To my dear friends:

For the past four months I have been anticipating the ability to be able to share with you what is going on in my world behind the screen.  My blog, Just Show Up, has always been genuine summaries of my days and how God has shown up in the dramatic winds and in the gentle whispers.  My voice is my ministry and for all of you who have followed me up to this point you know that I tell all with the intent to give hope, healing, and encouragement to everyone.

In January, when I signed on with B&B Media I moved my ministry forward into a more solid direction and created

HOPEFUL HEARTS MINISTRY – Offering the Hope of Christ’s Light and Love to those who are suffering.

The purpose of making this a non-profit ministry is to use the funds I receive via speaking/books/etc to take the ministry to those who wouldn’t be able to afford the books or get the opportunity to hear me speak such as more women’s penitentiaries, women’s and teen shelters, etc.

By the grace of God my friend who was a catalyst for linking me to B&B Media is also a lawyer and he helped set up the new ministry and get me started for the 501 c3 Non-profit application.  Less than a week later I was told I also needed an accountant to help with the filing and I literally ran into a parent of a teen I’d ministered who is a CPA and offered to help out the organization pro-bono as well.  Everything was falling into place and I could feel the hand of God in every decision being made.

In the third week of January my publicist forwarded a story she was given that was written by Athena Dean who founded WinePress Publishing, the company that published my book EXPOSED in 2010.  I was in the process of contacting them about doing a second run of books for the national media release B&B was working on.

It takes one breath of a second for plans to change.

In her blog Not Afraid To Tell My Story, Athena explains in bullet point detail about the demise of WinePress Publishing into the hands of the Sound Doctrine Church (aka: cult).  Yes, you read that correctly.  Cult.  It is too much to revisit here at this time but I do implore you to read Athena’s story to get a broader picture of the betrayal even I feel and I wasn’t within their grasp.  I will say, I can’t ignore the irony of the fact that I, someone who is living her life to be a warrior for those who have suffered in all areas of life especially through abuse,  somehow managed to trust this group that professes to ‘Hate for Jesus’.  When I read the very last words of her story a literal chill ran down my spine:

“I am simply sharing what happened to me based on the following scripture:

Ephesians 5:11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

The irony gets deeper.

Once I read through the blog I called my publicist and declared, “GET ME OUT!”  How could I have not known I was working with people who were doing to others exactly what I was trying to help others to survive?  Every name Athena mentions in her story I have worked with on the publishing and marketing of EXPOSED.  Every single person.  And at the moment of reading her story I was communicating with Malcolm Fraser on doing a reprint.

Praise be to God that I now had a lawyer on hand (my dear friend, whom had he never heard me speak, read the book and then felt  the call to help further my ministry I would have never known about the secrets behind WinePress until it was too late and my book would have been caught in the legal crossfire.)  By the next week I managed to get out of my print contract with WinePress Publishing.  But this small victory did not come without a price.  One of which was the need to find a new publisher, start all over again and come up with a new cover.

God always prevails because I think I like this cover better. 🙂

The next step was to fight the longer termed eBook contract.  Malcolm held strong and I was unable to get out of the contract.  Frustrated, I put it in God’s hands and have let it go.  The content of my book will remain the same, so whether someone chooses to read it through an eReader or buy the new edition I pray God will prevail in the message.  The fact that any part of an eBook sale of my book goes towards the cult is a fact I can’t wrap my mind around at this time.  This is how I felt simply because of the emotional and spiritual abuse they were charge with inflicting upon so many…and then this week there was more news.

I truly can’t wrap my mind around the latest new shocking announcement:  Sound Doctrine Church/WinePress Publishing – Malcolm John Fraser charged – 1st degree rape of a child

This leaves me speechless.  No words can describe what I feel. Yes, this is the man that I was working with, the man that won’t let me out of the eBook contract, the man that said they have a ‘No Gossip’ policy and asked if I was getting out of my contract because of ‘rumors’.  Well, now they aren’t rumors.  He was charged.  I am free to have my voice and write about this because I’m not spreading anything that isn’t already common knowledge.  Granted he is ‘charged’, not yet convicted, and I acknowledge that…

I can’t fathom the fact that my book has allowed this man and this cult to profit in any way from EXPOSED, the very book that speaks of the ramifications of the form of evil that this man and ‘church’ have been charged.

Now, more than ever, I want to reach out to the suffering.  Just this week I’ve been dealing with those who suffer from dealing with death and those who are in such deep depression they don’t know how to live.  I would love to find a way to reach out and help those who have been victims of human trafficking (largest hub here in Houston). There is so much suffering but there is more than enough hope to pull them through.  “Hope against hope,” Romans 4:18.

Despite the emotional and virtual chaos this has thrown me into I look forward to what is to come.  By May 1, 2012 you will see a new face to this website.  It will be www.hopefulheartsministry.com (still accessible by shannonmdeitz.com) and I pray to get back on a solid genuine track with the JUST SHOW UP blog.  Just Show Up will also be featured as a PODCAST on www.CatholicRevolver.com (more information to come) and the new improved 2nd Edition of EXPOSED:  Inexcusable Me…Irreplaceable Him will be available!

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.  I look forward to ending 2012 with a bang, visiting many of you, speaking at conferences, at your parishes, leading retreats, and finishing REDEEMED, the follow-up to EXPOSED.

I still have dates available for the 2012 – 2013 calendar if you are interested I would love to come spread the message of hope and survival!  Email booking@shannonmdeitz.com for more information.

Plus,  sign up for the HOPEFUL HEARTS MINISTRY NEWSLETTER and receive information on the ministry, encouraging quotes, ideas to lift your spirit and other great blessings.

And please be sure to follow me on twitter #shannondeitz, and Facebook – ShannonMDeitz

Most importantly please pray for all the unfortunate souls who got caught up in the twisted lies of those who ran Sound Doctrine.  They are all victims in their own right.




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  1. Mrs. O April 20, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    HOW HORRIBLE! I can understand not wanting anything to do with them! I am so sorry. Have you tried OSV or Ignatius Press for publishing your book? I will keep throwing ideas at you and as you know, they will mainly be Catholic. 🙂 Hang in there.

  2. Judee May 5, 2012 at 7:54 am

    I’m sure you are doing what you can, as well as your attorney. Just a thought: since they in essence hid their cult status, could that not be considered engaging in a contract by fraudulent means? I’m sure they knew you would never agree to the contract had you known up front about the “cult” which was a hidden fact.

    I am a friend of Cindy, who is also struggling with this. Maybe you should get a class action going.

    I wish you success.

  3. admin May 5, 2012 at 8:22 am

    Thank you Judee,
    Yes I’m looking into that now in regards to the contract breech. I’ve been hearing talk of a class action suit. Im not opposed to that, considering they made money off of a book that directly benefits survivors of the abuses they cause.

    Tell your friend Cindy I’m sorry she is going through this as well.

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