Just Show Up – When God SHOWS UP

Just Show Up – When God SHOWS UP

I posted this on Facebook but I know many of you who read my blogs are not on Facebook. Being that it is Holy Week, I find it quite fitting that God SHOWED UP for me in this way…but I don’t believe it was just ‘for me’… in fact, I don’t believe that any time we have these God moments that they are meant just for us. We are to share them to remind others of HIS PROMISE, of HIS LOVE, of HIS HEART FOR US ALL.


Christ came to my door today.
He was in Morgan, a 16yr old, who brought me a gift. I’d first met Morgan about two weeks ago. She came to my home asking if I’d be willing to help her with a monetary donation for her summer mission trip to Guatemala. I never say no and that day I had to. If I’d had cash on me I would’ve given her what I had but I happened to have nothing. I was so horrified bc I knew in that moment I couldn’t write her a check. I was undergoing one of those moments that everything was coming in on me at one time. The medical bills, Ryans car transmission being replaced, house repair, taxes 🙄 impending college tuition… I know you all have suffered through the moment of feeling snowed under.
I had broken down and told her I was so sorry but I’d be happy to pray for her.
Morgan came today and brought me everything I will need to set up for isolation when ( if… still could be if) I receive radiation. What made her think of this?? Her mother said she’d clipped coupons and got it all herself.
My heart. 💙
She also gave me a blue bracelet that says HEALED.
She is still raising funds for her mission trip to Guatemala. If you are able to help in any way please contact me for her info. I know I’d be grateful.
It was a very humbling experience to be served in this way. We are fine, it all works out, she just caught me in a freak out moment of doubt. God spoke to me today in so many ways. I will trust in the Lord 🙏

This young woman followed an intuition given to her by God and she up her own desires and needs aside in an effort to be His LOVE to me. I’m not sure she realizes the impact she’s not only had on me but on so many who have already read this posting.

This Holy Week, a fitting time before I begin the process of going of the meds, then on the low iodine diet, I will embrace the greatest gift and promise given to us all – the Lord’s death and resurrection. It makes me realize how sometimes we need to have death (suffering) in order to be renewed in life. When I was telling a fellow parishioner about what is to come and this probable time of 3-4 days in ‘isolation’, she looked at me and said, “Ah, it’s your tomb. Imagine your resurrection in the end.”

Yes, yes…I will. 🙂

Happy Holy Week to you all.



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